Lean in close… because I’m about to share 3 surprising facts about how to better retain and recall learned information. 

First Fact: The inability to quickly recall information is not due to lack of concentration. In fact, your child may fully concentrate at the information provided; yet still finds it difficult to recall it. To overcome that, advise your child to take notes of whatever information is being provided. The power of note taking will help your child feel a sense of ownership in their learning. Also, it may spark a connection to what is being said and processing it. By writing or typing notes, it allows for a sense of active role in learning rather than passive.

Second Fact: It may be difficult to connect to the information being provided. This is where notes take an upper hand. In school, students have an average of 43 minutes for each subject. In middle and high school, students have at least 5 increments of those 43 minutes block along with other activities. This makes it hard to grasp the provided information in a quick allotted time. So, I suggest reviewing the notes at home or in a comfortable, quiet setting. Allow the child to make connections to the information. When doing so, connect it to the way your child learns best. Focus on vocabulary, key topics, drawings from texts, and highlighted information. Another way to make connections is to integrate information from personal, past texts or current events. By making it more “real” is a great way to personalize and make it more concrete. 

Third Fact: Recalling information can be easier when more opportunities for reviewing and reteaching are offered. Connect with school advocates such as primary and specialized teachers to provide reteach sessions. Encourage a buddy system at school to be friends with a fellow classmate to review the information. The more opportunities to use provided services and fellow classmates support, the better chance to reinforce provided information. 


Consider this your one-stop-shop for a simplified way to improve your child’s education. Got questions? Find answers to what you are looking for by connecting with Gracefully Defined at


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