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At Gracefully Defined, our mission is to empower parents facing the unique challenges of raising children with behavioral difficulties. Our coaching is designed to transform the lives of families by providing targeted support, personalized strategies, and a roadmap for immediate implementation. Our primary goal is to identify and address the pain points of parents dealing with children struggling to regulate their behaviors. Through personalized coaching, we aim to guide parents in creating effective action plans that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily lives.

Coaching Packages

Get to Know You Brief Chat (Free)

  • 15 Minutes
  • Chance to connect via Zoom or phone call to discover if we are a good match to work together
  • If we are, an intake questionnaire will be provided at the end of the call to be filled out and emailed 2 days before the initial call.

    Initial (Discovery) Call

    • 45 minutes
    • We will unpack areas noted in the intake questionairre.
    • Address the pain points, problematic areas, discuss goals, and help develop a plan to implement.
    • After the initial call, within 48 hours, Gracefully Defined will draw a plan of action for the parents to implement. 

    Strategy Call

    •  The parents are encouraged to schedule the strategy call after the initial call to get the course of action to implement.
    • The strategy call is 90 minutes. This is a way to unpack the individualized action plan. It will include a recording and outline document to explain how to implement the action plan
    • Depending on the needs, charts/checklists/materials will be made and given to parents
    • After this session, we will provide a list of recommended things to purchase outside of our program to help carry out the plan. This will be an optional choice for parents based on needs 

    Follow-Up Call

    • 30 minutes check in to see what worked/what did not
    • Address misconceptions
    • Address troubles with implementing the plan of action
    • Time to address if we can continue with following that plan or if we need to create another strategy
    • If implemented and it goes well, clients can continue with accountability packages- they can schedule when ready

    Accountability Calls (3)

    • 15 minutes calls to check in
    • Calls to motivate, encourage and reinforce the steps


    Book Patricia

    Schedule Patricia to speak at your school, for professional development training, guest podcaster and live teaching sessions. 

    Live Teaching Sessions

    Guest Podcaster

    Professional Development

    Call/ Text Patricia

    (631) 282-8110

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