Learning Tools


Visual Sequencing Tool

Sequencing is a great tool to help learners process the timeline of events. With this tool, you will be able to recount the series of events or steps needed in order to achieve a task. In addition, sequencing activities allows the ability to connect the cause-and-effect relationship within events.

**Exclusive** Visual Sequencing Tutorial

Purchased the Sequencing Chart tool? This from the owner of Gracefully Defined a detailed video explaining how to use the tool.


Vocabulary Building Organizers

This Vocabulary Building Organizer tool will help guide your ability to track new words, gather the context of the word, create new meaning, and breakdown the term.


Writing Tips

The series of activities enclosed are posters, tips, outlines and worksheets to help guide learners to become stronger writers.


Reading Comprehension Strategies

This tool will help guide comprehension skills. Reading comprehension is important to reading because it allows the reader to understand the meaning of text, in storybooks and informational text/books. This tool will reinforce those skills in order to become stronger readers.


Bootcamp for New Teachers

This is a quick course for those who are considering becoming teachers, currently in grad school, graduates, and/or new teachers.

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