Guided Reading strips are a great tool to have for children/adults who struggle with reading. 

The tool…

      • Helps readers focus on the reading at hand. 

      • Is small and compact, can act as a bookmark and guide to the text your child is reading. 

      • Has helped individuals with dyslexia focus on each sentence 

      • Keeps their eyes focused on the highlighted section of the the sentence

      • Makes it more difficult to skip lines or mix two lines together. 

      • Allows the reader to focus on one sentence at a time. 

      • Also allows the reader to keep track of their placement and what they are reading. 

      • Makes reading lengthy text seem less overwhelming as you focusing on one sentence at a time. 

      • Is a fun way to engage the reader. 

      • Makes reading more active rather than passive. 

      • It is helpful for both adults and children. 

      • Will help build reading stamina without feeling overwhelmed. 

You can purchase these guided reading strips at dollar tree, Target, or a teacher store. However, I will honestly state that are not always in stock. I would recommend purchasing this one.

Guided Reading tool

What do you think about the guided reading tool? Have you used it before?


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