Behavior is communication.

I was talking to a friend about a behavior she has witnessed in her child, and I quickly went to asking some questions.

I knew it was something I needed to share with you. 

Again, behavior is communication.

Whenever someone behaves- and thats anything whether it is aggressive or even doing the right thing like being a productive worker, we are communicating something. So, if a person arrives to work before their shift and prepares their working space for the day, they are communicating something. Based on patterns, one may note that they are a studious worker. 


If a child reacts to a peer in an aggressive manner, they are communicating something.  it’s important to see what the patterns is indicating and what the child is trying to communicate. 


The process of doing so is following the ABC (antecedent- behavior- consequence) 

First find out what is the A- Antecedent- What happens before? There is ALWAYS something even when it feels like it comes “out of nowhere.” Something definitely sets it off or heightens the behavior. So first, note the environment, settings, location, the time, and how long. B- Behavior What is the behavior? Be specific.

C- Consequence- What happens after the child hits their peer? Does the victim scream? Cry? Not react? Does the adult react? What is said?

It’s something to track and check in for a period of time. By doing this over time,  you will see a pattern and will get to the root of the functioning behavior. 

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