Amplify Your Childs Academic Skills

Gracefully Defined is your trusted partner in empowering parents to support their children’s academic and behavioral development. We focus on parents who feel overwhelmed and uninformed about their child’s educational needs, providing them with organized resources and support. Our passion is to equip parents with confidence, knowledge, and a clear path to improve their child’s academic journey. 

Gracefully Defined Services & Resources

Coaching Package

Our coaching package is comprehensive, offering a series of engaging and impactful sessions. From the initial discovery call to strategy sessions, follow-ups, and accountability calls, we provide continuous support via phone calls or Zoom meetings. We believe in building lasting connections, offering a brief free chat to ensure a good match, and providing additional resources, such as questionnaires, workbooks, checklists, and more.

Hands-On Activities

Looking for quick activities to practice skills at home?

Gracefully Defined provides hands-on activities, lessons and tools to help you or your loved one succeed academically. There is a wide range of activities available to reinforce key reading skills.  Click below for more details.


Do you prefer to get advance information that you can refer to at your leisure time?

The owner of Gracefully Defined, Patricia Medard, has companion courses to help guide through lessons, topics, and reading abilities. The courses can be viewed at your pace and time. Available are transcripts to help follow. 

Patricia Medard, Owner of Gracefully Defined.

Why Gracefully Defined?

Our Values: 

Equity in Education: We believe in leveling the educational playing field for learners of all ages and abilities. Our core value is to ensure that every individual, including educators, has access to the tools and strategies needed for success, bridging the gap for those who may have missed opportunities.

Lifelong Learning: We’re committed to nurturing a love for lifelong learning and making it accessible to all. We want to instill the joy of learning in everyone, enabling continuous personal and academic growth.

Closing Knowledge Gaps: Our mission is to mend gaps and reinforce the skills learned in the classroom. We’re dedicated to providing resources that break down complex information, cater to behavioral needs, and enhance social skills.

Real-World Relevance: We stand out by ensuring that our products, courses, and consultations are not confined to the classroom but extend to the real world. We offer manageable amounts of information to help individuals meet their academic and personal goals in practical, everyday settings.

Simplicity and Executive Functioning: We take pride in our ability to simplify complex concepts and build executive functioning skills. These mental skills help individuals carry out daily activities with efficiency, both in their work and learning environments. Our commitment is to empower learners with these vital skills for success.


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