As a teacher, one of the questions I’m asked the most about is how can I get my child to understand what they are reading?

  • Insight #1: First, lack of understanding or comprehension is very common. In school, we mainly focus on reading, the phonics, and fluency; however, we may override the comprehension. Please note: phonics and fluency plays a major role in comprehension and should not be neglected. However, comprehension of the information being read is important also and plays a key factor in your child’s engagement. 

  • Insight #2: There are great strategies that can be put into place to help engage and motivate your child to take ownership in their reading. It is important to use these strategies in a clear, consistent manner to see positive results, but it is guaranteed that it will!

  • Insight #3: Patience is key! Comprehension does not come overnight. It may take months to years to fully develop and requires a lot of reinforcement. It is important to refer back to the strategies that are provided in newsletter to help your child make connections to what they are reading in order to encourage comprehension. 

That is why at Gracefully Defined, we offer tools, resources, and strategies to help support learners. Do you have any questions? We are here to ensure you’re well taken care of! 

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